Cestus H20 Gloves

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The H2OAttack was created for the unique rigors of swift water rescue. These search and rescue missions subject the hands to punishingly cold and wet environments. Flexible impact shields (TPR) protect fingers from impacts down to the pinch points, while the hard-shell Polycarbonate armament defends knuckles from hidden debris. The high-vis neoprene adds wind resistance, and breathability when dry and a thermal buffer when wet.

The cut level-five SlashWeave base palm layer minimizes the risk of lacerations and cut injuries while the Sonic-10 3D landscape outer palm gives wearers the grip control they need in situations where grip is crucial.

Key Features
  • Sonic 10 3D Grip Terrain Outer Palm Surface Channels Water And Mud Away From Grip Surface
  • Slashweave Cut Level-Five Base Layer In Palm Bolsters Protective Capacity.
  • C-3 Tek Ergonomaically Curved Fingers To Aid With Gripping And Superior Flexibility To Combat Hand Fatigue
  • Polycarbonate Knuckle Armament Protects Against Impacts And Abrasions
  • Impact Protection Shields (Tpr) Protects Fingers And Thumb From Cuts And Impacts
  • Adjustable Velcro Cuff To Prevent Debris From Entering And To Ensure A Comfortable Fit
  • High Vis Straps On Fingers And Back Of Hand For Hand Position Awareness In Low Light Conditions.